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Monkey King Martial Arts

Bryan Broussard of Monkey King Martial Arts

Life in quarantine presents some unique opportunities that you may not have thought were possible. I’ve been teaching my students online via Skype for years and have developed a customized training program that covers all branches of a workable system, including empty-hands, weapons, ground game and most importantly, footwork. Additional insights include apartment adaptations and live coaching techniques that combine the functional movement intelligence from years as an Asian Bodywork professional with the techniques needed for basic street-smart self defense. My students develop proficiency by understanding and repetition of the building blocks that define a martial arts system.

Whether you are a total beginner looking for fitness and self-defense, or a seasoned professional looking to expand your proficiency in the Southeast Asian and Indo-arts, or just looking to break out of your formal training to embrace something more direct and practical, training through Monkey King Martial Arts online will change your game.


Bryan is one of the most solid and insightful teachers I’ve ever had. He truly cares if his methods are working, and has adapted this modality over the years to be the most efficient, easy-to-grasp and effective training system for practical application of the martial arts. Bryan takes the most important part of an art form seriously: Does it work? If you want to get stronger and build confidence while developing in a martial system, you can’t go wrong with the Monkey King system!

-Kate Holmes, Apprentice Instructor, Monkey King Martial Arts