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Asian Bodywork Therapy

What is Asian Bodywork?

Asian bodywork is a form of manual therapy effective in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in the body. This differs from a traditional massage in that bodywork addresses structural issues directly and is not typically considered “relaxation” therapy. Like massage, bodywork will create release and reduced stress and tension in the body, by addressing the structural patterns that influence pain and tension.

What to expect:

Unlike traditional massage, you typically don’t need to undress. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that can be shifted up or over areas during your session.

What does Asian Bodywork address?

This form of manual treatment therapy addresses root structural alignment issues, acute and chronic pain issues. This is not “relaxation massage,” the modality focuses on resolving the source of the pain by addressing structural imbalances in the body directly. In practice, we’ve had great success treating: Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Pain under scapula (rear rib and shoulder pain), knee pain, locked or frozen shoulder, Ice-scraper shoulder, anterior shoulder pain in the AC joint, low back pain, anterior hip pain, low back pain that wraps to the hip flexors and legs in the front, rib pain situations, including locked, turned or frozen ribs and binding in the upper back and chest, neck pain, neck pain with headaches.

Asian bodywork is the perfect modality to address occupational stressors in the body and compliments chiropractic work, acupuncture, etc., where structural issues are effecting your quality of life. Many people express relief immediately during the session, with many acute issues being addressed on the spot. Long-term and chronic issues may require more sessions to fully resolve, and certain movement “homework” may be suggested to fully resolve your pain and structural issues. It is strongly encouraged to do the prescribed homework as suggested, as well as the Tinman protocols available here on the website, to promote overall health and longevity of your range of motion and weight distribution over time.

Local Appointments Available in Rapid City

Bryan Broussard, ABT; Certified in traditional Asian bodywork. See the Facebook or Google business page for updated hours in the Sodak, South Dakota area, or call (605) 646-3848. Currently treating out of Big Sun: 2050 W Main St, Unit 8, Rapid City, SD 57702, United States.

Price List

Tinman and Functional Movement Private Coaching

Individual Asian Bodywork Session

Package of 4 Individual Bodywork Sessions

30 Minute Cupping Session

$40/30 minutes, $75/60 minutes




Functional Movement Courses

Online offerings include access to the exclusively-developed Tinman protocols, Qi Gong Animal Crawls and functional training techniques.

In-Person Coaching

Whether you’re a practitioner or an athlete, live sessions will fast-track your ability to activate these techniques to reduce chronic pain, recover from an injury and promote longevity. For physical therapists, yoga instructors, massage therapists and other body-workers, these hands-on virtual session will put you head and shoulders above your current practice, while promoting your overall health, body awareness and your ability to recover and restore yourself quickly.

Qi Gong

Meditation offerings via the Taoist practice of Qi Gong. These sessions are available one-on-one or for your group. Contact me for package pricing.